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green street storied.

almost one hundred years after its heyday, swing dancing still has a spot on green street at the wright street intersection, to be exact. in this 2017 photo , illinois newman dance society dashes to the intersection bringing their fancy footwork until the light changes.

tet offensive | facts, casualties, videos, & significance

tet offensive, attacks staged by north vietnamese forces beginning in the early hours of january 31, 1968, during the vietnam war.the tet offensive consisted of simultaneous attacks by some 85,000 troops under the direction of the north vietnamese government. the attacks were carried out against five major south vietnamese cities, dozens of military installations, and scores of towns and

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start your day with a visit to the imperial citadel, which includes the forbidden purple city. the latter was almost totally destroyed during the vietnam war's tet offensive, but the foliage covered ruins are still atmospheric and the gaping holes left by bombs give an idea of

vietnam veteran's terminology and slang vietnam war veterans

mar 22, 2000 the vietnam war became a helicopter war for american forces, and a common way for an infantryman to go into action was by "slick." "slick" was the term used to refer to an assault helicopter used to place troops into combat during airmobile operations.

how light pole banners took over u.s. cities curbed

jan 16, 2018 how light pole banners took over u.s. cities street banners blend into our cityscapes, sometimes so well that we forget they re there .. the spread of car culture after world war ii

saigon city tour saigon free walking tours

saigon city tour overview. saigon was once praised as the pearl of the far east . the downtown (district 1) of saigon still remains some colonial architectures which are must see whenever you arrive this city. take a walking tour with us, then give you a chance to immerse yourself in the combination between western buildings and eastern lifestyle.

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stalingrad (1941 1942) defeat of the german army here put a halt to hitler s quest for world domination and marked the beginning of the end for the nazis in world war ii. during the battle 1.5 million lives were lost and 91,000 germans taken prisoner. germany never mounted another offensive battle again.

readers weighed in on the best books about the vietnam war

sep 15, 2017 fredrik logevall s book focuses on the french conflict in vietnam at the end of world war ii and the beginning of the american one in 1959.

our opinion doing right by the montagnards | editorials

all you need to know about the montagnards you ll hear from any u.s. special forces veteran who served with them in vietnam in a war in which the faces of friends and enemies were often hard to

post war vietnam

one of the challenges of post war vietnam was the enormous bombing damage left by years of war. after the american withdrawal and the north vietnam faced many challenges. two years after the withdrawal of the last united states combat troops, north vietnamese army (nva) tanks and soldiers rolled into saigon .

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nov 18, 2019 so even though the war to save ourselves from extinction still needs the fighting to be done and the battles won quickly (therein lies the rub), i seriously doubt that climate change will cause the end of our species. conversely the extinction event (6th) now ongoing of literally millions of other species may continue to a dire and dreary end.

u.s. military spending in the cold war era opportunity

beginning in 1965, the vietnam war buildup carried real defense purchases to a mobilization peak in 1968, up by more than one third. the ensuing demobilization is harder to date with certainty.

liquid fire how napalm was used in the vietnam war

napalm is the most terrible pain you can imagine. water boils at 100 degrees celsius (212 f). napalm generates temperatures of 800 to 1,200 degrees celsius (1,500 2,200 f). anti vietnam war demonstration, 1967. among the us public, napalm became the symbol of all that was abhorrent about the war in vietnam.

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a large collection of trivia questions and answers. questions have been categorized so you can pick your favorite category or challenge your friends to the latest trivia.

noel street by richard paul evans goodreads

at first i was so worried it would not end how i had been hoping for more. flag 2 christmas without a new richard paul evans book is like a christmas tree without lights noel street is a lovely story about hope and reconciliation, love and redemption .. this one was no exception. set in 1975 ( a time i grew up in) post vietnam war

the wall that heals coming to bellingham what you need

aug 19, 2019 the wall that heals, a 7.5 foot tall wall featuring the names of 58,276 veterans who died serving in vietnam, will be coming to bellingham from august 22 25. several speakers and events are

3 days in vietnam's cultural and party capital of saigon

saigon is a pulsating metropolis that s well on its way to becoming one of asia s urban hotspots. it holds its own competing with the likes of bangkok, singapore, shanghai and hong kong in the asian city break stakes, offering chic bars, great shopping and one of the world s most delicious cuisines.

the vietnam war the pictures that moved that most

in vietnam in the early 1970s, the only real limitation was finding a ride. but nearly until the end of the u.s. war, if a helicopter or truck had a seat available, they would take you along.

vietnam war through pictures. not censored

{89} anti vietnam war protesters march down fifth avenue near to 81st street in new york city on april 27, 1968, in protest of the u.s. involvement in the vietnamese war. the demonstrators were en route to nearby central park for mass "stop the war" rally.

why vietnam war vets were treated poorly when they

mar 29, 2019 the vietnam war lasted from 1964 1973 the longest war in american history until it was overtaken by the one in afghanistan and servicemen typically did one year tours of duty.

not to miss things to do in vietnam from south to north in

dec 14, 2019 here are our favorite not to miss things to do in vietnam in the order we did them. we started. we started from the border of cambodia and made our way to ho chi minh city. a city etched in my brain from all of the war films that i watched as a kid.

understanding the vietnam war machine

a look at the radical vietnam era research collective that exposed us companies profiteering off the war. narmic s top 100 defense contractors list, which continued after the war. here is a 1977 edition. narmic / littlesis diana roose was a longtime staffer with national action/research on the

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the vietnam war was arguably the most traumatic experience for the united states in the twentieth century. that is indeed a grim distinction in a span that included two world wars, the assassinations of two presidents and the resignation of another, the great depression, the cold war, racial unrest, and the drug and crime waves.

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vietnam war commemoration dar is a commemorative partner with the united states of america vietnam war 50th anniversary commemoration, established by congress, to "thank and honor veterans of the vietnam war, including personnel who were held as prisoners of war (pow) or listed as missing in action (mia), for their service and sacrifice on

what is the real story on the fire/explosion on the uss

> at about 10 50 (local time) on 29 july, 1967 while preparing for the second strike of the day, an unguided 5.0 in (127.0 mm) mk 32 "zuni" rocket, one of four contained in an lau 10 underwing rocket pod mounted on an f 4b phantom ii (believed to

saigon execution murder of a vietcong by saigon police

light at the end if the tunnel, vietnamization, limited post ground troop assistance when the ill trained and motivated troops fail the one difference that may stiffen our resolve this time is the fact the gwot has on a couple of occasions been fought on our territory.

ho chi minh city where to eat, drink, stay, and play in

5 hours ago chances are you ve only ever considered ho chi minh city as a stopover at the start or end of a trip to vietnam.but spend some time exploring the southern metropolis, and you ll wish you d

o tannenbaum how to select and care for a fresh christmas

grasp a branch and move out to the end. fresh needles will bounce back and not snap off. give it a shake an unhealthy tree will drop a large pile of needles, while a healthy one will only lose

how walter cronkite's broadcast changed the vietnam war

may 25, 2018 at the end of january 1968, at the start of the tet lunar new year, the viet cong broke a cease fire by launching surprise attacks on dozens of cities across south vietnam. ad a vietnam war

my lai massacre history learning site

mar 27, 2015 the my lai massacre is probably one of the most infamous events of the vietnam war. the my lai massacre took place on march 16 th 1968 . my lai was a village of about 700 inhabitants some 100 miles to the southeast of the us base of danang.

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december join us at rotary park for our holiday night light display activities. these activities start on november 29 and go until december 29.

what s it like to go to war?

may 27, 2019 commentary and interpretation from war authors karl marlantes (what it is like to go to war and matterhorn a novel of the vietnam war) and sebastian junger (war) are